17 August 2011

Memories from Home - Godney Gathering

Ever wondered what happened to that band, that did that song, that went "................"? Well I have a stonker for you here. Remember that song that went "put your hands on, put your hands on"? It's by a surfy/bluesy/rock band called Reef who are from Somerset, England - very near home. They stopped recording in 2003 after five brilliant albums but have recently reformed and here they are now.

I've been abit of a groupie since the days when they played grungy gigs in dodgy little pubs in and around Somerset.  I use the word groupie very lightly as this was really only in my dreams as I had/have a very serious crush on Mr lead singer, Gary Stringer. So on my recent visit home can you imagine how excited I was to enjoy a very special evening in a field deep in the Somerset countyside with the aforementioned Mr Stringer. Unfortunately so too were 4000 other faithful local fans, including Mr Gale. Who was quite happy for me to rock my little socks off  and even passed without comment on the not so delicately put "get your kit off Gary" shouts that shrilled from my lungs. I fully embraced the vibe in that edgy cider fuelled moshpit. What's a rock concert without a few elbow wacks in the head and cider spills down your cleavage. Look out for the Godney Gathering next year.

Gary Stringer and Jack Bessant (half the band) are keeping it real playing some seriously cool mellow yellow acoustic tunes on a side project called Stringer Bessant and Reef are back on the road better than ever. Schoolgirl crush aside, they are one seriously talented riff-ridden rock band with too many belting tunes, soulful slowies and singalong anthems to mention. They're often not shy of some proper rock n roll star gynastics on stage too. Gary you rock, and just for the record, I love that little bum wiggle thingy you do too:)

Two and a half months spent at home in England and so many special memories to share and record, follow the 'Memories from Home' posts by hitting the 'join this site' button on the right. Life's not just all about sewing you know:)


Kirsty said...

Glad you got back safe, love the videos, love Reef ! :-) Happy music, happy people :-) We are missing you, so keep the posts coming xx

delia hornbook said...

Hi Sweetie it was so lovely to read your post feels like a little part of you is still here. Look forward to reading more posts. Take lots of care miss you loads, dee xxxxxxx

vancouver photographer said...

It brings back the old times. Glad you're here again Miss Claire. :)

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