02 March 2011

Snoop My Stuff

I've had a lazy arvo on the Esplanade. Earlier I popped over to Kirsty's wonderful blog Kootoyoo and found a fun little post called 'Snoop My Stuff'. I love posts like this, that give readers a glimpse into their homes, their lifes, their belongings. Of course it's a wee bit nosy, but isn't it a great way to get to know fellow bloggers a little?  It's a natural reaction to want to see what we're each made up of, what inspires us and such.

So here's a wee peek into a little corner of my life. It's the board I have in my sewing room. I took the picture late one night, during one of those 'late sessions'.

My board changes as I take things off and add things, mainly pictures I've pulled out of mags, cards I've been given, notes to myself and little things I've made 'just cos' and have nowhere else to put them. Like the Kareina Day inspired peg doll. Made after a trip with my little buddy Imogen to the 'Dolly Makes a Dash' 1950s inspired peg doll exhibition. We went peg doll crazy there for a while!

My favourite Belle and Boo card. I first feel in love with the gorgeous illustrations by Mandy Sutcliffe in a shop in Clifton Village, Bristol, England. So not only does the picture on this card completely delight me, but it also reminds me of a gorgeous day spent with my mum. I also love the card you can just see at the bottom by Tiny Eyes or Dee Construction given to me by Allana from High Maintenance Hippy .

The picture of the little girl sitting looking at a book is the cover of a Little Golden Book, called The Little Book. I think she looks just like Maggie. And the picture of the jam jar with the twine is just to remind me how sweet things look in jam jars.

 The lamp is one of those 'I'll make one of those one day' pictures. The flower power fabric snippet is from Tessuti Fabrics. And the business card is from a Tasmanian company called Cameo Garden Art (03 6267 4553) who make the most gorgeous bird boxes from recycled materials, always a great gift.

Just a little peek-a-boo for you.
Oh one last thing, anyone wanna see pics from the big boys weekend I went on?

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