29 March 2011

The Isabel Green Dress

Wow you'll never guess what has happened? My brothers gorgeous girlfriend, who also sews, has only gone and got me THE best pattern for the 'Isabel Green dress' I posted about before here. It's pretty funny really because as you may know, I have been searchng for the perfect pattern for a while now and out of the zillions and zillions of dress patterns I've looked at, we chose the same one.

I just wasn't confident enough to actually buy it because I thought it looked way to difficult for me. Plus it's very fancy being a special Vogue pattern, especially when like me you're just used to tatty old op-shopped patterns.

But since she kindly bought it for me, I think it's given me the little push I needed to give it a try. I'm sure the lovely girls at Stitch n Bitch will help me out when (not if) I get stuck and it's good to try something out of your comfort zone from time to time right?

Not sure when I'll make a start on it, at the moment I just keep loooking at it affectionately:) Oh yeh, and I still need to choose the fabric, but that's the fun part. Wish me luck.


delia hornbook said...

Great pattern sweetie. Its always good to try new things. I have bought a few new patterns just lately instead of vintage ones, infact i made a gorg dress the other week with a modern pattern but vintage fabric and its the best dress i have made so far ;-) check out my blog post. Enjoy looking for your fabric. When are you coming home? hugs dee xx

eat my shorts said...

Lovely pattern, Claire! Crap, now I'm going to have to get out of my "can't be arsed" mindset with Stitch n Bitch just so I can see this one being created! I'd love to see what fabric you've gone with.

Right! That's it! Bugger the Year 9 SOSE marking & reports - I'm coming to Stitch n Bitch next week! By hook or by crook.

Anonymous said...

Yay for being pushed out of your comfort zone in a good way. Lovely pattern!

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