22 January 2011

Ugly Seams

Well here we have it, the finished jacket, allbeit the prototype. All ready for Irish gypsy Jake, well that's what I had in my mind when I was making it..........a tad obsessive about this whole gypsy thing at the moment I know!

I'm pretty happy with the way it looks on the outside but there are bodgy bits lurking inside that will need improving before it's all 'ship shape and Bristol fashion' and ready to be included in the Baby Boudoir range. Wanna see the bodgy bits? Dare I bare all and expose the very ugly seams?

Oh dear, yukey hey? So now it's all about tidying up the seams. The last jackets I made like this, which you can see here, were fully lined so the seams were all hidden. But in trying to keep the price down, I've tried to avoid having to line these. Maybe it'll just work out quicker to line them?

Of course the obvious solution would be to overlock with red thread and incorporate this as part of the design. I know this would look super lovely, but I really want to avoid having to change my overlocker thread, particularly when I have so many different colour blankets. Hmmmm.

We had a good discussion at 'Stitch n Bitch' on Tuesday night about using ric-rac on things for boys. I think ric-rac is cool-as for little dudes, not necessarily the thicker wider ones, but this thin one that from a distance looks like a stripe, would be lovely. What do yout think. Would you buy something with ric-rac on it for a boy? It's one of the reasons I'm developing this 'gypsy' range as I want most of it to be unisex. There are so few alternatives to the surf brand style clothes for boys.

Off to the rodeo now to 'admire' the cowboys! See you again soon. Have a fan-dabi-dosie weekend peeps.


Lisa said...

it looks great Claire ... maybe lining is the way to go to save time BUT the red seams would've looked awesome ... I'm not much help on this one!

Melinda said...

All I know is, changing overlocking threads is my pet hate.

delia hornbook said...

It looks great mate but maybe linning it is the way to go, Dee xx

Michelle said...

I've changed my mind. I like the ric rac now and would put it on a boy. It has turned out super cute Claire!

Ugly seams...nah i call them character seams.


Allana said...

ric rac works for both I think and red seams would look great, but maybe lining would be easier and would finish off neatly too. No help from me either sorry ;)
Love it though!

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