08 November 2010

Rocking Out

I've just had the best fun I've had in ages rocking out with little Maggie-May to Skater Boy. I went the attitudy rock chick slamming on an air guitar whilst Maggie danced around in her tutu and beads with her recorder.

It all started when I jumped in my car to go and buy bread and a song came on the radio I just had to turn up and sing along at the top of my voice like a desperate finalist in a karaoke competition. The bakery was closed but it got me in the mood for some fun when I got home.

I love those things we do that make us feel sooo good. Simple pleasures, best enjoyed spontaneously. I will always remember a very funny Sunday afternoon with my lovely friend Delia when we went abit crazy with the karaoke function on my stereo, a couple of broom sticks for mics and several squeezy bottles of cider . Oh happy days sweetie x


delia hornbook said...

LOL...HA HA HA HA HA HA HA i remember that well. O my god loads of crazy moments we shared hoping on the back of complete strangers motor bikes while walking in the woods pop's into my head right now...And O my god cider i havn't touched the stuff in years ;-)) I can picture you an Maggie bless you have fun sweetie. Love and miss you xxxxxxxxxxx

Jacki said...

How gorgeous! I can't wait until mine are old enough to dance with me, at the moment, they have to just watch!

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