07 September 2010


Hi lovely readers and welcome anyone new to Baby Boudoir. I should just explain that Baby Boudoir is not it's usual crafty self at the moment whilst I'm blogging along a road trip. But please pull up a seat and enjoy the ride.

With rain imminent, we left Seal Rocks and decided to push on further up the NSW coast stopping in an uninviting town called Kempsey where we had a fabulous lunch beside the river in Netherby House - wow the new owners certainly have their work cut out there! We eventually arrived in Uranga, which was to be our next home for a little while but it wasn't to be as neither of us were that blown away with it, deciding instead to go just a little further up the Pacific Highway to Sawtell.

What a friendly little town Sawtell is. I met two lovely ladies over coffee. An English girl with a cute little three year old who invited me to a local playgroup and another lady who owns two beautiful shops in the town including First Avenue Boutique which caught my eye with it's tres chic French vibe.........both encouters left me with little pangs of homesickness.

That night I went to a special viewing and fund raiser for Zonta (who promote the status of woman) at the local cinema to watch South Solitary. A cute little movie about the island just off Coff's. To be honest I went just for some time-out and when I realised it was about a lighthouse I did have a few negative expectations. I was however very pleasantly surprised. You will laugh at this, and perhaps not be surprised, but my favourite thing about the film was (as is often the case) the costumes and 'props'. Set post war the fashion was very 'home spun' and the background rudementary vintage with a whole heap of enamel and scrubbed wood. Celeste the pet sheep was particularly sweet too. If I was to have a sheep, which I would like, I would have one just like Celeste.


delia hornbook said...

Awww hun love the look of the shop all those lovely yummy items to moouch in and around. And aww bless Maggie a little play mate for a few hours ;-)) hugs xx

michelle said...

sounds lovely claire,i laughed at you noticing all the vintage amongst the props. that is so me. always checking out the props, it's why i love period dramas. the shops look divine. hope the road is being good to you

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