10 July 2010

Well Again

At last, again, I have a spring in my step. I'm enjoying the winters sunshine, breathing fresh air and feeling alive and well and it feels so good.  I've ruffled my tail feathers, shaked and washed the bugs out of the beds and there's cake back on the table.

There is fresh fruit in the bowl, fresh veggies in the pantry, yummy left-overs for snacks and supper in the fridge and freshly made biscuits in the jar. The house is sparkly, the cushions are straight, the yucky flu-ridden jammies are well and truly banished and the pearls and pinks are back on.

And I've even ventured into the sewing room for some quality time with a cute little project before I tackle the metres and metres of caravan curtains.

My oh my it feels good to be well again!!


Allana said...

So glad everything is back to normal at your house!! Yay!!

Allana said...
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m.e (Cathie) said...

hi Claire,
thanks for popping by!
so glad to hear all is well in your world.
it's always a good sign when there is cake on the table & projects are re emerging.

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