12 July 2010

Caravan Refurb - Part 2

With the bench seat covers all finished, next comes the curtains. I've had so much fun with curtains in my previous campervan refurbs. In my old VW kombi I used denim for the bench seats, Bintang t-shirts for cushions and vintage surf t-shirts for curtains. But age and experience has led me to slightly more practical/robust window furnishings of late.

With this caravan refurb I wanted to reach a compromise between the old creative, impulsive, impractical, fun me and the new family, slightly practical but still (hopefully) creative me. That's why I choose the blue gingham; a little bit cutsy vintage but still practical, easy to sew/wash and very cheap. I also lined them otherwise there could have been some rather interesting silhoutte shows coming from camp Galey:)))

And of course, a girls gotta have cushions.........just for fun.......completely unnecessary really:)

Next job is the transformation of some completely ridiculous size shelves and then the table. These projects need power tools though, which I am terrified of......so will have to wait for help from 'him outside'.


CurlyPops said...

That vintage sheet that you've used on the cushions (the blue and green floral with yellow centres) is a complete match for my very fave pink and orange vintage sheet.
The cushions are gorgeous!

Virginia said...

Just gorgeous Claire - is there anything nicer than blue and white gingham - so clean and fresh. I think you've balanced all those aspects you talk of very well! And you have to have cushions - I'm with you on that one!

Julie said...

Love what you have done. Its looking fabulous.

Bumpkin Bears said...

LOVE it, gorgeous trims on the cushions too. I'd want to live in that caravan! Catherine x

Dee said...

ohhh, i LOVE these cushions...can't wait to see more!
thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments..
Dee x

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