24 June 2010

My Creative Space

It's been a bitsy week, bits here

........bits there

........bits and pieces everywhere!

It feels so good to finish Georgie's jacket, make a good start on Maggie's jacket and finish 'the village' bags which I will soon be sending to my new stockists; Sally Ruth and the Crossed Spoons Cafe at Boat Harbour, Tasmania.

Now for those who are not familiar with the 'my creative space' phenomena, head over to here to see what it's all about.

By the way, the Crossed Spoons Cafe is mine and Maggie's favourite place to lunch at the moment; good healthy nutritious food at a reasonable price with lovely new owners and very child friendly. The type of place where you could easily end up spending a couple of hours chatting or relaxing reading newspapers over lunch. You've got to go there, it's on the main road (Bass Highway) between Wynyard and Boat Harbour - also known as Killynaught. Lets support them to become a success, they deserve it and we need a good new cafe.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

we had coffee and cake there a couple of weeks ago and you're right - food was great, service was great, really enjoyed it - we're just trying to get time to go back and try a breakfast :)

jackets look fabulous by the way!

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