18 June 2010

My Creative Space

Woops, wow this is late! I've just been so busy playing with all Maggie's new toys:)

Michelle and I have decided to do a little swap: she - a crochet jumper for Maggie, me - a jacket for Georgie. I've been in ponderland about making a jacket/coat out of an old blanket for some time now (just the 'using a pattern issue' to get over) so this swap was the impetus I needed to get going with it. Michelle also had a piece of black/white striped jersey cotton which she thought would be good to use. So I combined our ideas and came up with this.

I've just got to sew on the toggle buttons. I'm so pleased with it, it will be so warm and it isn't heavy at all. This was the first time I've actually persevered with a proper pattern, although I nearly gave up on it at the inital cutting stage at Tuesdays 'Stitch and Bitch' cos I wasn't enjoying having to concentrate and miss out on all the chatting.

I ended up adding my own 'design elements' i.e. the red binding, the frill at the join on the chest and the toggle buttons. I just can't help myself! What do you think to a red pom-pom on the point of the hood? I'm just abit scared it looks abit klu-klux-klan'ey at the moment ....... hehehehe.

And of course I can never make just one of anything so this will be Maggie's - my weekend project. Yep that's right, four layers to cut in one go thanks to my brilliant new scissors. To see what everyone else has been up to in their creative spaces this week have a peek here.


Allana said...

Great jacket Claire! I think a red pompom would be cute :)
ps. I can't get to Stitch and Bitch at the mo but I will try and drop that japanese kids book in to you one night anyway :)

angelina said...

I LOVE IT. claire, you are so so smart. !!!!

Belly Designs said...

OOOOOOO i love it i love it i love it!!!
Georgie will also thankyou thankyou thankyou xoxooxox

Lisa said...

fantastic Claire, that looks fabulous!

little grubs said...

WOW - I just LOVE that jacket!!!! Isn't it funny what prompts you to finally jump in? It's sure to be a winner. x

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