09 June 2010

Lavender and Tea Tree

Hey peeps, time for a quickie? I was just hanging my latest charity shop fabrics on the line and thought i'd share with you one of my household tips - a true good housekeeping special from the ultimate desperate housewife.

When you're washing your new charity shop purchases, add a capful of water soluble lavender or tea tree oil to the wash once it's in full swing, preferably on the last rinse cycle. You can buy these in Woolies, often in the medical/vitamins aisle.

It leaves your linens smelling fresh and as beautiful as a gorgeous summers day. Especially if they were bought from a particulalry whiffy charity shop!

Have a beautiful day all and please feel free to share your favourite household hints, the ones passed down from Grandma's are the best don't you think?


Kate said...

Oh my goodness, you've got me drooling all over my keyboard. You have some stunning finds there Claire. Looking forward to seeing what they become.

Belly Designs said...

Ooo couple there i wouldn't mind either...you didn't tell me about them yesterday??? Keeping secrets? :)

green tea and red nails said...

oh what fabulous finds! it is so hard to find vintage floral sheets these days - good job!

and what a great tip! i have some leftover lavender oil from making heat packs a few weeks back which i can now put to good use.. thanks :)

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