20 May 2010

My Creative Space

So many lovely projects on the go this week and so many little projects finished; including the hand stitching on Ada's quilt. Thank you to those that have asked to see the entire quilt - here it is.

Last night I decided to make some goodie bags for Maggie's forthcoming birthday party. I used some red gingham squares that I already had cut for my patchwork for the bag and some scraps for the front label and then embroidered 'with love' on some calico. Tonight I'll pinking shear the edges and put a draw cord in the top with piping cord. Inexpensive and quick to make. I made the first five whilst watching Spicks and Specks!!......weren't the dress-ups great last night, so funny:)

Oh dear, what a tangled mess of embroidery threads!

Hope you're all having fun in your creative space. Check out some more over here at Kirsty's.


Steph said...

Your quilt is stunning and those party bags are gorgeous! What a lovely thought for a little ones birthday party. Clever you!! Hope you have a lovely weekend :)

Allana said...

Gorgeous quilt and I LOVE those goodie bags! So nice to receive something at a party that can be reused!
Great to meet you today!! I look forward to catching up again on Tues :)

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