17 May 2010

Ada's Quilt

I took advantage of a glorious sunny day to take some pictures of my quilt for new baby Ada. Such beautiful bright colours deserve beautiful sunshine.

I'm so, so pleased with my new labels.

Spot the pins!! Just the last bit of hand sewing to do.

I think I may have also fixed the problems I was having with my 'comments', so please try again if you've been unsuccessful in the past, and thanks to those that have emailed me to let me know:)


Kate said...

Oh Claire it looks glorious! Please let us see the whole thing.

Virginia said...

Claire, that quilt is so bright and pretty. I would also like to see the whole thing once it's finished. Thanks for your comment -can you believe I used to live just 18 km from you on a farm at Yolla!!! Hope you have plenty more sunshine this week.

Lisa said...

oh good! And the quilt looks beautiful, she'll be a very happy little bub with that one :)

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