09 April 2010

My Creative Space

Don't you just love it when you're looking through your fabrics, deciding which ones to use on a project and you whip one out you haven't seen for a while, give it a shake out, smooth your hands over it and immediately you can't wait to use it? That's what happened in my creative space this week with this cute pillowcase. The price tag was still attached; Devon Air Ambulence Charity Shop 25p!.......I would imagine I bought this a very long time ago.

I'm gonna use it with this sheet to make another sleeping bag for Maggie, for the camper.

Here are the other fabrics I choose; another bluey turquoise sheet, turquoise dots and yellow gingham.

I just drew around the sleeping bag I wanted to copy to make a pattern and now I'm cutting whilst the layers are 'sandwiched' together (a claireyloo technical term).

Top - flowery fabric
Middle - blanket
Bottom - dots or gingham

I need to get a zip from Spotlight next so I'll pop back and let you know how I get on. Don't forget also to let me have any questions you want asked at the Vinnies Interview..........and check out the other creative spaces in planet blog at Kootoyoo.


Michelle Walker said...

Oooo i love this Claire! What a great idea! Thanks for showing that...love the explanation.

Allana said...

cant wait to see the end result, the fabrics are awesome!!

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