29 March 2010

Stitch and Bitch Weekend March 2010

This morning I was so keen to finish my stitch and bitch skirt (as I’ve now named it) so that I could share it with you but I’m afraid to say that that didn’t happen. I got distracted with a beautiful sunny autumn day and as Maggie-May seemed not to want her nap, instead we tackled the little front garden where there were weeds galore. But now at last I find myself here feeling desperately keen to tell you all about the Stitch and Bitch weekend............at last!!!

The whole weekend was just the best; the projects we made, the different skills we learnt and passed on, the fabrics and trimmings we admired, the magazines and books we read, the laughs, the singing, the treasures we found in the local garage sales and op shops, the meals we enjoyed together, the cosy cabins, the instant hot water for tea and sewing in my jammies at 3pm with my mate.

The most popular project of the weekend was Michelle’s little owl. I think we all made one of those 15 minute little dudes......such a fab little project. Tutorial please when you have time Mrs Walker! I also shared my current love of pin cushions and several ladies made themselves new ones.

Below is a patchwork project that has been on the go for many years, handed between mothers, daughters and sisters. Many of the group contributed to this too. This clever lady also shared so many other tricks for dress-making and felting......that’s one talented creative lady.

Check this out, they are curtains for her son’s bed room.........amazing hey?

Michelle faced her fear head-on and made a massive start to her quilt. That was great fun and it’s gonna look so beautiful.......be proud girlfriend:)

On the Sunday Morning Michelle and I headed into Latrobe for the market in search of a blanket for her quilt, and ‘low and behold’ the Lifeline shop was open. We got heaps of good stuff; old sheets (like I need any more), two aunt grace style fabric dresses, cool ribbon, lace and yarns, teenage mutant ninga turtle jumper for Maggie (it was funny) blar, blar, blar......heaps and heaps.

When we got back I whipped up my first ever pair of trousers for Maggie with the aunt grace fabric. I just gotta put elastic in the top.

A Stitch and Bitch weekend is just such a fantastic opportunity to have some time to yourself to explore your ideas, experiment with new projects, try something different, catch up on unfinished projects, or create those things that you’ve often thought about but never seem to have time to do. I would definitely recommend going along to a Stitch and Bitch if you get the opportunity.

Thank you so much Celena for organising such a special weekend and supporting everyone with their projects. I can’t wait for the next one in October. Oh I forgot, my favourite project of the weekend goes to Jaquie for her doily skirt.......I loved it:)))

Tomorrow my skirt gets finished!!!!! And we’ll ignore the other big white elephant - the lack of MMBC.


Lark said...

Thanks for sharing this, it sounds like you had a great time, and so much creative stuff happening!

Lisa said...

oo bummer, the pics haven't come up, except for Maggie's pants which look so cute! Glad you had such an awesome time! ;)

Lisa said...

ooo yayayay pics today - awesome!

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