01 March 2010

Monday Morning Book Club

Books, books, books......I love them almost as much as I love fabric. When I first decided to take this sewing thing to another level and start Baby Boudoir I couldn't get enough of sewing books. I would walk into a bookshop or a library and pass many an hour sitting on the floor leafing through the pages of the craft /design and sewing books. I seem to be as happily consumed doing this as I am going to a Vinnies or a haberdashery shop. All of a sudden I wanted to learn correct techniques, take tips from the experts and be inspired by colours and designs. Whereas previously I had been happy to just make it up as I went along and muddle my way through my sewing projects.

So I've decided to start a Monday Morning Book Club where I'll share with you those books that I love and maybe you could share your favourites too.

There is no other place to start but the holy grail of quilt designs that is Material Obsession. Thank you so much Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke for your inspiration. These books are stuffed full of the most amazing quilts I have ever seen - and I've seen alot all over the world!! I aspire to one day produce a quilt like these. I love the way they magically combine colours, patterns and shapes and the appliques are like something out of a children's story book. Both books also contain fantastic tips and techniques for beginners, as well as detailed instructions which are easy and exciting to follow. And the photographs are just so 'now'. Buy these books if you are an enthusiastic but timid sewer, or a 'lifer' of sewing and I guaratee you will not be dissatisfied.

I would love to hear your comments to my book review or receive book reccomendations so please leave a comment..................and don't forget to sign-up to follow me over on the left of the page.  See you next week for Monday Morning Book Club.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice review! Having started just like you with a passion and a drive to match I am sure you'll be a success! Wishing I was going on that retreat...kathy

Michelle Walker said...

I love these books and aspire to own them one day with out ever the skills to master one of them...a quilter i am not...damn it!!!....i'll just borrow yours every now and then and leave the expert quilting up to you!

Claire Gale said...

I wish you were coming on the retreat too Kathy!!!! Thanks so much for your comment, it's so great to get feedback from people you admire.

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