27 April 2012

I’ve decided to buy Maggie a vintage dolls pram for her birthday. But I’m not quite sure in my mind if it’s for me or for her. Will she be happy with a vintage dolls pram? Will she enjoy it and want to play with it? Or am I just being selfish, buying something for others that you want for yourself? Here are my thoughts on this.

Of course a significant influence in this decision is my interest in (note I said interest in and not obsession) reusing and recycling. It’s ingrained in me. Why buy something new when as well as being far more aestheitically pleasing, something old will negate the need for mass production clogging up landfills and retain and maybe even increase in value. It’s a win win surely.

Furthermore, if there one thing I’ve learnt in my reasonably short 38 year life is what goes around comes around. Whether it be in terms of karma or trends. This is more evident than ever at the moment with the whole world appearing to be in the midst of a vintage revival. Maybe when Maggie is older she’ll also get to appreciate its beauty all over again and if not, she may be able to flog it for a small fortune to someone that would.

Gosh if I had a pocket of pennies for everything that mum said to me “do you want to have this, it may be worth something one day” when I was young and irresponsible, I’d be a 'Lovejoy' style millionaire – or a crazy hoader type!!! That tassled leather jacket and burgundy baby cord Levis flares, that hexagonal seed/bean picture thingy, that kitsch handpainted silk fire screen to name but a few that stick in my mind. When I was in my 20's and first set up home, I did acquire several family treasures, including two complete Royal Doulton tea sets and when asked what I would like for a gift from my Grandma and Grandad when I bought my first house at 23, I’m proud to say that instead of asking for cold hard cash, as was the norm, I selected an antique french chest of drawers. One of the few pieces I could not give up when I moved to Australia and shipped it over.

Anyway I digress, back to the dolls pram, being a typical Taurean I decided to take the methodical approach and embarked on abit of research. I took Maggie to my favourite antique shop where I had seen one for sale. It was so funny, she immediately made a beeline for the pram and started playing with it in her own little role play imaginary way. Of course on the inside I was jumping up and down clapping my hands together bursting with joy but instead I just occupied myself for a while looking around the shop leaving her to enjoy her fantasies. When it came to time to leave, she even asked if she could have it. Wanting to keep the surprise, I just said "we’ll see sweetie-pie" with a glint in my eye and we left the shop hand in hand both feeling pretty happy about the pram. Fingers crossed they don't sell it before I can get back to it.

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